Create a Luxury Market Seller analysis

Create a Luxury Market Seller analysis

Sellers in the High End and Luxury markets can be demanding, and stats can help you communicate with them!  Sellers in general want to get the highest price in the shortest amount of time, but higher priced home take longer to sell. To illustrate this, we recommend using the Price Distribution charts from Market Insights.

While Days on Market was an average of 30 days, you can see in the highest price band, it was over 80 days! This is an expectation that needs to be set at the beginning of the relationship with your client.

Similarly, the Absorption Rate/Months Supply of Inventory is close to 4 months in the highest price range.  So not only is it taking longer to sell those houses, but there is more supply than demand as compared to the overall market.  The >$1MM homes in this example, are more in a buyers market than the rest of this region.

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