Creating Branded Stats

Creating Branded Stats

Whether it's for an email campaign, posting on social media, or handing out at an open house, it's nice to have stats with your own branding information on them. While you can sign up for a custom infographic for that purpose, there are lots of ways to get a similar output at no additional charge.

1. Use your own template and a screen capture tool

  1. Create a template in Word, Powerpoint, or your favorite publishing tool. Maybe you already have a template from your brokerage. The important thing is to make it unique to you. Include your name and contact info for clients to get a hold of you.
  2. Use a screen capture tool to copy part or all of a dashboard. For Windows users, Windows+Shift+S is the easiest way to do that. For Mac users, use Shift+Command+4. Then past the image into your template and Save.
  3. The best part about using your own template is that you can leave room to add in your own commentary or additional information. Remember, you provide value to your clients by not just giving them the stats, but by telling them what they mean and how it applies to their situation.

2. Create a social media post

  1. This is by far one of the quickest ways to brand yourself as the stats expert.  Your clients and prospects are already following you, so they have quick access to all your contact info from your page.
  2. Take a screen capture of whatever you want to post, and paste it into your social feed.
  3. Add your commentary and you're done!
  4. If your Association or MLS has embedded one of the dashboards on their public website, you can include a link to that page in your post so your clients can interact with the dashboard directly.

3. Update your website or blog

  1. Whether it's a blog, or a news page, you can always update your website with stats.
  2. Take a screen capture of the dashboard and post the image to your website.  Don't forget to filter down to the information you want to share first, and add you commentary.
  3. Drive traffic back to your site with a link in your email signature, or a social media post..

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