Creating social media engagement with stats

Creating social media engagement with stats

Market statistics are a great way to create social media engagement with your clients and prospects.  There's really no wrong way to engage, but we like to break it down into a Good, Better, Best framework.


If you don't have a lot of time, just post the Infographic or Market Review. You can print it to PDF or post a screen capture, and let your users comment or ask questions.  We've seen agents do this on Reddit, and it's always an interesting thread to follow what the public thinks and asks on the market.


Whether it's one of the dashboards recommended above, or a favorite chart that you generate from Market Insights, post it along with a short description. Even writing something as simple as "Median Price is up again this month!" will make people pay attention.


The best engagement will be created by sharing the most information. So once you've chosen something to post, whether it's a dashboard a chart or several charts, add your expert commentary to tell a story. You can make relationship observances between the metrics ("Inventory continues to go down, and as a result the Median Price is still going up!), you can add pertinent economic information ("Company X opened their new building downtown last quarter, and we've seen Condo sales in that area skyrocket!"), or you can add local info ("That winter storm shut down the monthly sales as surely as it shut down the roads!"). The point is, you have a lot more information than just numbers, so share that.
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