Integrating stats with prospecting and client phone calls

Integrating stats with prospecting and client phone calls

In addition to regularly communicating with active clients, a big part of being an agent is prospecting and working your leads. Whether you're still trying to close a deal or already have a listing, one of the ways you add value is by being an expert in the industry. 
Knowing the market stats makes you sound like an expert!
Every time you make a phone call, take a moment before you dial to open up a dashboard, be it Market Infographic, Market Review, or another one. We like these two because there are several different metrics readily available on a single page. Set the filters to your client's listing or area of interest, and take a moment to review the data. Keep that dashboard open in front of you as you're on the phone so you can refer back to it as needed. Now you have a lot of information, tailored specifically to the person with whom you're speaking, making you sound like the expert in their exact needs.
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