Multiple area or geography analysis

Multiple area or geography analysis

If you have a client who isn't sure where they want to live, or if you as the agent are new to an area and are trying to learn more, Market Insights can help.  The default setting on the charts is "No Breakout", but whether you're viewing a Time Series or a bar chart Distribution, you can choose to view by property type or geography.

If your buyer isn't sure where they want to live, budget is a good place to start.  This chart compares 3 areas, and it's very clear that the blue line represents an area with a higher median price than either of the other 2 areas.

Another good chart is the Active Inventory Price Distribution by area.  At a glance, you can tell what areas and price ranges have the most options for your client. Looking at both charts together, the green line above, although in the middle in terms of price, actually has the most available inventory in the higher price ranges as seen in the chart below. Taken together, this insight can quickly help to zero in on areas that are within the buyer's requirements.

Using the breakout buttons, you can compare as many areas as you want at once, simply based on what you choose to view in the filter panel.
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