Posting on Facebook

Posting on Facebook

Posting market statistics on Facebook is a great way to engage clients and generate leads.  Depending on what you're posting, there are different ways to optimize the level of engagement you'll get from your users.

Direct URL Posting

If you've purchased a custom Infographic, or your Association or MLS subscribes to a member shareable dashboard, you may chose to post a direct URL on your status.  When you paste the URL in your status, Facebook uses a specific algorithm to determine what to put in the preview image.  As of August 2021, that algorithm generates the below image for all dashboards:

While you can use this, it's not exactly the most exciting preview!  Luckily, there's a simple work-around.  First, decide what you want your preview image to be, whether that's an entire dashboard, a single chart, or a few metrics.  Then, use a screen capture tool to capture that image.  Click on the 'X" to remove the default image, and then paste your newly captured image (CTRL +V) directly in your status.  Now, your friends and followers will see exactly what you want them to see, and they can click through to the dashboard using the URL for more details.  Don't forget to add your commentary and local knowledge!

Indirect URL Posting

You don't need a direct dashboard URL to post to Facebook, and in some cases you may not want to do that anyway.  For example, if you've embedded a dashboard in a page on your own website, it's a great idea to post your link instead of the dashboard link.  This way, you'll drive traffic back to your own site, where users will have an opportunity to engage on more than just stats.  If you don't have your own website but your Association or MLS has posted stats on their public website, you can also post that link in your status.  Of course, you can always use the steps above to change the preview image if you don't like what appears.  If you do keep the default preview image generated by Facebook, you can remove the actual text link from your status, since users can click on the preview image itself.
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