Share your custom infographic with clients and prospects

Share your custom infographic with clients and prospects

Now that you have your own custom branded infographic, there are several ways you can share the information with your clients and prospects. Note that some of these suggestions link to other Knowledge Base articles with additional information.
  1. Embed the Infographic in your website using these instructions.

    1. After you do this, you can post a direct URL link on any of your social media accounts to the page where you embedded the Infographic.  This is a great way to drive traffic back to your website!
    2. Embedding the Infographic means all the interactive filtering is maintained, so your clients and prospects can interact with the statistics as easily as you can!
  2. Post the direct Infographic URL to any of your social media accounts.

    1. This is a good solution if you decide not to embed the Infographic in your website.
    2. This also maintains the interactive filters!
    3. Details for posting on Facebook
  3. Print the Infographic and post it to any of your social media accounts.

    1. Maybe you want to highlight a specific property type or area, and don't want people playing with the filters. This is a great solution for that.
    2. You can print a PDF directly from the dashboard using the Print Icon in the bottom right corner.  
    3. You can use screen capture tools to print an image, or to only share a certain portion of the dashboard.
  4. Print the Infographic and email it to your clients and prospects.

    1. You can print a PDF directly from the dashboard using the Print Icon in the bottom right corner.  
  5. Print the Infographic on a sheet of paper and mail it to your clients and prospects.

    1. Yep, some people still use postal mail!
  6. Print the Infographic on a sheet of paper to distribute at an Open House.

  7. Use a screen capture tool to print a portion of the dashboard to include in your email newsletter.

As you can see, there are many ways to share your custom branded infographic, and we probably haven't even covered them all!  Unlike some of the other Domus Dashboards, there is no drill-though to actual listing data in the infographic, so you are free to share it as you wish. 

Don't forget, it's always a great idea to add your own knowledge and interpretation to the information you're sharing. Whether that's a a short hand-scribbled note in the margin, or a longer market analysis, the important part is that it comes from you. Your clients and prospects will then view you as the expert! 
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