The Difference between "Public" and "Member" dashboards

The Difference between "Public" and "Member" dashboards

If you're curious about the difference between "Public" dashboards and "Member-Only" dashboards, you've come to the right place.  Our solution is a collection of dashboards from simple and high-level to detailed and complex.  The simpler dashboards are built to serve all types of end users, from home buyers, to the media, to agents and more.  We refer to these dashboards as "Public".  While the dashboards are still interactive, they contain limited filters, and no ability to see the underlying MLS listing data.  They are simple enough for most people to use with little to no training, and are often embedded in Association or MLS websites, and shared on social media.

Member-only dashboards, on the other hand, are more complex.  They contain more metrics, a longer transaction history, and more ways to slice and dice the data for analysis.  The underlying MLS listing data that goes into each chart and calculation are available in a single click, so these dashboards should not be shared with non-members directly.  Technically advanced users may be able to jump right in and start using these dashboards, but most users would benefit from our basic training class.  These "Member-Only" dashboards give agents the ability to deep dive into the market performance, and answer questions for their clients that aren't easily obtained through other available sources.  Anything that needs to be shared from here, should be printed first (digital or hard-copy).

Public Dashboards

Market Infographic, Market Review, Market Snapshot

Member-Only Dashboards

Weekly Trends, Market Insights, Pricing Insights
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