Using Market Review

Using Market Review

Market Review is a high-level review of the market, meant for public communication and sharing.  It's more detailed than the Infographic, but doesn't have as much information as Insights.  It has a 13-month analysis, as well as a year-over-year option.  It usually has the same filters as the Infographic, and the same ability to change months.

This is our favorite dashboard to use for Open Houses!  It's a whole lot of information packed onto a single page, even more if your print it double-sided with both time periods.

The big numbers on the right are the stats for the whatever month you've chosen to review.  Just to the left of that is the month prior to that for comparison.  On the far left is the same month of the prior year for comparison, and the sparkline between those two comparisons is the entire 13-month timespan.  If you hover your mouse over that line, you'll see the values for each month.

Use the toggle switch on top to switch to a year-to-date, year-over year comparison.  This means that if you're viewing "July", the bar charts will show January through July of the year you're viewing compared to January through July of the prior year.  You'll notice that the metrics for Inventory and MSI disappear; those are monthly metrics so they don't apply to an annual analysis.
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