Using stats for Open House or Showing presentations

Using stats for Open House or Showing presentations

Whether you're hosting an Open House, or taking a buyer on a house tour, market statistics should be in your arsenal.  Based on our experience as vendors, as well as our general enjoyment of going to open houses (yes, we're those people who are always "in the market" and would move for the perfect house), this is our best practice recommendation for how to use stats.

Don't overwhelm buyers with numbers! I went to an open house once and they handed me a 30 page document of stats. It was too much, and I love numbers! Let them focus on looking at the houses, and worry about the rest late.
Create a "one-sheet".  As the name implies, it's one sheet of paper, printed on both sides. 
  1. On one side, print the Infographic, Market Review, or a couple of your favorite charts and add some commentary. The goal is to provide an economic profile of the area, which may be an MLS area, a neighborhood, a city, or whatever you feel best represents the area that listing is located in.
  2. On the other side, print out a Pricing Insights for that house, so the buyer can see where it falls in relation to the rest of the properties in that economic area.

That's it!  Easy peasy lemon squeezy. If you're working with buyers, print out one of these for each property you visit. If you're a listing agent. make sure you have enough copies to let everyone who visits take one home with them. No more need to print out a phonebook size pamphlet of every stat under the sun!
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