Which Dashboard should you use?

Which Dashboard should you use?

We have a framework called "Bite, Snack, Meal". The idea is that you only want to provide the end user with the amount of data that they can easily "digest."
  1. Bite is a the smallest piece of information or a highlight, like the median price for a single month.
  2. Snack adds more detailed information, like a 13 month trend line.
  3. Meal is the whole sha-bang.
When you're trying to decide which dashboard to use, there are a couple of things to think about.
  1.  Consider your client or end user, and how much information you think they need and can handle. For example, my mother would only care about the median price in her neighborhood for last month, and maybe if that was up or down from the prior month. My husband, on the other hand, would want all the charts and tables of numbers that you could provide and then some.
  2. Consider your comfort level in using and explaining the dashboardsFor example, if you don't understand a metric well enough to explain it to your client, you probably shouldn't show a chart of that metric to your client. Pick a dashboard or chart that you're comfortable with, and then take a note to spend time learning the other dashboards or charts for next time :-)
Here's a quick chart to help you decide which dashboard to use if you still aren't sure.  Remember, all dashboards can be printed to paper/PDF and then shared as needed.

High-level one month summary
•Made for sharing / Public
13 month trends
Made for sharing / Public
Quickly identify current trend
Drill-through to listing data
•Remember, weekly data is more volatile than monthly data.
Most flexible
Most customizable
Most metrics and charts
Longest history
Drill-through to listing data
Supports pricing a listing
Use with buyers & sellers

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