Market Insights v5 New Features

Market Insights v5 New Features

The newest version of Market Insights is our biggest update yet.  While we did a lot of technical "house-cleaning" behind the curtain, here are all the new features that impact you and what you can do with the dashboard.
  1. New Design! 
    1. The chart area is bigger to make long time series easier to read.
    2. All the interactive options have been consolidated to the top, making navigation easier. 
  2. New Category Comparison Charts
    1. Compare any series breakout on a column chart by time period.
    2. Multiple standard breakouts: Property Type, Geographies, New Construction, Waterfront, Close Price Premium, Cash Sales, Financing, DOM Range, and more.
  3. New Map Chart
    1. View any metrics on a map of the service area.
    2. County or Zip maps are standard; custom maps available in the Pro service tier 
  4. New Top Performer Chart (Pro service tier only)
    1. Review the top 30 performers for any metric with any combination of filters.
    2. Broker & Agent, List and Buy side
  5. More standard filters:  Property Type, Geography, Subdivision, Buyer Financing, Price Range, Living Area, Bedrooms, Year Built, Acres, New Construction, Waterfront (where applicable)
  6. Added "Time Travel"
    1. Just like Infographic and Market Review, you can now choose the month for your analysis.
  7. New selectable comparison period
    1. Rather than giving you MoM and YoY, you can now choose whatever month you want to compare for your analysis. 
  8. New Chart Features
    1. Show the Mortgage Rate on any time series chart for any metric.
    2. Export calculated results from any chart to an Excel document.
    3. Download or copy any chart in a single click.
    4. Metric indicator line from Market Review added to all time series charts.
  9. New Metrics!
    1. Percent from Original/List Price Received:  A more visually impactful way to view Percent of Original/List Price Received
    2. Percent of Original Received:  A good look into initial seller optimism
    3. Days on Market (Closed):  Domus traditionally reports DOM on the Pending month, but we've added reporting on the Close month to align to what the MLS platforms report
    4. Days in Escrow: Just how long are listings sitting around from pending to close?
    5. List to Close Days:  End to end, how long are your clients waiting from the day they list their house until they get a check?
    6. Mortgage Payment (PITI):  Historical trends on mortgage can help your clients make more informed decisions. (Pro service tier only)
    7. Mortgage Rate:  Track the historical rates without going to a different tool to do it.
    8. Concessions:  Several metrics to help sellers decide how much to offer and buyers decide how much to ask for.
  10. More Data Integrations (Pro service tier only)
    1. Rental data
    2. Commercial data
    3. Other RESO data endpoints

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