Getting Started

Getting Started

Are you a brand new user of Domus Analytics dashboards? If so, there are a few things you can do to get up and running right away.

  1. Head back to the Home Page and sign up for a training class. These are generic classes held at least monthly. Your Association or MLS may have scheduled a branded training class with us as well, so check with them if you'd like to attend the customized training session. They may even have a pre-recorded training session available for you to watch!
  1. Watch a few training videos! These are each only a couple of minutes long, so you don't need to make a huge time commitment. There are lots available on the site, but the ones listed below will get you started.
    1. How to Use Filters
    2. How to Change Metrics
    3. How to Change the Chart Series
    4. How to inspect the underlying listing data
  1. Finally, there are a lot of self-documenting features on the member-only dashboards (Market Insights & Pricing Insights). So open up a dashboard and pay attention to the little pop-up boxes that appear as you hover over various areas. Also, don't be afraid to just start clicking on things! Especially whenever you see the little upside down triangle like the image below, that's a filter that you can interact with.
  1. Don't worry! You can't break anything since the dashboards are read-only. And if something looks horribly wrong to you, just refresh your browser and start over. Easy-peasy lemon-squeezy!

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